Corporate Social Responsibility

The St. Mark’s Education Group sees and takes its role of a builder of the next generation of value citizens seriously and in this process sees interaction with society as crucial in building a value citizenry and a great nation.

Over the past decade, the group has been playing an active role in Social Enhancement activities through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, “The Banyan”.

The name and logo of the banyan Tree was chosen for the CSR initiatives so as to demonstrate the deep rooted Indian Values at the core of the program with a vision to create a large cover and reach to as many as possible, thereby spreading the value to society at large.

The program consists of 3 main elements.

Communautaire – That is involved in supporting social activities and programs.

The Maureen Education Fund – That seeks to support education for lesser privileged children.

Helping Hands – That provides small level financial support to needy and lesser privileged families especially for medical and family emergencies.

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